Senior Project Coordinator (Team Leader)

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ANKON Consulting is looking for a Senior Project Coordinator (Team Leader).

The candidates are requested to apply with their CVs in English to with REF TL/FRIT/II till 30/05/2021.

Project title: Consulting Services for the Accompanying Measure to the Projects ‘Facility for Refugees in Turkey II’

Senior Project Coordinator (Team Leader)



Minimum requirement

Professional education / University degree


Master Degree, Diploma, Doctorate or equivalent in Business Administration and/or Project Management and/or Development Studies and/or Politics or related fields


Professional experience as Project Manager in international Financial or Technical Cooperation Projects


At least 8 years, higher seniority preferred


International experience, experience with IFI-funded projects, experience with NGO projects, KfW funded projects / EU funded projects should be an asset.


Minimum 5 projects with more than 6 months input


Regional experience


Minimum 1 project in Turkey with more than 6 months input)


Experience in managing similar projects with similar activities:

a) SME-support,

b) Financial Incentive Mechanisms (Interest subsidy Programs)

c) Guarantee Mechanism

d) Projects related to refugee crisis

Minimum 5 projects with more than 6 months input


Needs Power of Attorney to fully represent the Consultant throughout the project within the scope of his role


Power of Attorney (disqualification of the candidate if not presented)

Leadership experience


More than 5 years with minimum 5 projects as TL


Effective English verbal and writing skills (please use Common European Framework), Turkish will be an asset





ANKON Consulting

ANKON Consulting is a professional services firm which provides technical assistance, development and consultancy services to public and private beneficiaries. Our clientele ranges from central ministries and public institutions to local development agencies and municipalities; from leading business groups to international agencies and institutions.
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