Shaml Syrian CSOs Coalition

SHAML is a coalition of Syrian CSOs that share a vision of building a Democratic future for Syria that respects and adheres to Human Rights, Gender and All-citizens Equality. In realising this vision; SHAML members coordinate and cooperate to achieve high quality organizational practice; mainstream their shared Values as core component of their work, and advocate and campaign for wider adoption of these Values. For achieving this; Shaml:
  • Supports achieving excellence through organizational development for its members, with a special focus on mainstreaming our shared Values: Democracy, Human Rights, Gender and All-citizens Equality, as an essential component in our organizations.
  • Builds a unique identity for the Coalition and its approach; and promote our shared Values through sharing of knowledge and learning and implementing activities for that purpose.
  • Advocates and campaign for Shaml’s shared Values aiming for them to be adopted within other Syrian CSOs, and as part of the future of Syria.
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