Qatar Red Crescent

Established in the State of Qatar NGO volunteer on behalf of the (Qatar Red Crescent Organization) with legal personality with non-spesified duration, and its headquarters city is Doha, it's work is included in all over the country, and is considered by Qatar Authority as the only Organization in the country that represents the Red Crescent and the International Red Cross locally and internationally, which may its subsidiaries and other institutions without a National Charity Qatar the right to bear and use the red crescent emblem in accordance with the rules laid down in international conventions and be associated with official recognition of its legitimate government as an association of voluntary relief and assistance to the public authorities.​ The distinctive emblem of the Organization ((red crescent on a white base Partyah moving to the right for the headmaster, and to the left for the badge holder)). the organization has all the privileges and immunities set out in the Geneva Conventions of the present time, and any other international conventions to be held in the future. Qatar Red Crescent was established in March, 1978 as a charity volunteer. was Recognised in 1981 by the International Committee in Geneva also the Qatari Red Crescent is considered as a member of the Secretariat of Arab Red Crescent Societies, which is in Jeddah. ​​
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