, Türkiye

REA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.

REA Consultancy, based in Ankara, is a management consulting company in a key emerging market of Turkey and EU area. Established in 2007, REA is ready to assist its Clients with more than 10 years of key experience. As REA, we pursue and screen the market to find the excellent match to the needs of our clients at wide range of thematic expertise specifically in social and economic, policy, international development, business research and development. Expertise, quality, passion, creativity and customer satisfaction are our engines. REA has developed the best ways to solve this problem as its own know-how and implemented it on all projects it conducts. Among one of these is to combine the Western intelligence with the East's emotional rhythm on the same note. This note is very effective in projects where people and institutions are the target group because the methods, or techniques, are only successful when they affect the emotional area of the human being.