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Job Purpose

The Socio-Economic Empowerment Manager will be responsible to define, coordinate implementation, and advocate for the socio-economic advancement of ESSN recipients, from emergency cash assistance towards more sustainable socioeconomic pathways. This role focuses on the strategic alignment of operational pathways for ESSN recipients, to design the overall strategy for socioeconomic empowerment in 2022 and beyond.  The SE Empowerment Manager will be responsible to work closely with Turkish Red Crescent senior counterparts to achieve 3 main objectives:

  1. Design and implement a strategy and action plan for the future of support to ESSN recipients, focussing on their socioeconomic empowerment (using a people-centred approach).
  2. Lead/initiate scoping activities for this action plan, drawing on existing research and building on global IFRC approaches to diversifying cash-based interventions (e.g., designing conditional unrestricted cash programmes). This includes identifying links with other large scale cash programmes, such as the Condition Cash Transfer for Education programme (CCTE).
  3. Work closely with TRC and IFRC teams, notably the ESSN Outreach & Referral team and the CBMP Livelihoods unit, to build a strong network to operationalise and contextualise the action plan, taking into account challenges around formal employment for ESSN recipients, the increased vulnerability of ESSN recipients, as well social cohesion considerations.
  4. Analyse donor priorities and partners’ capacities that will contribute to the strategy, in order to mobilise resources and develop partnerships that would enable IFRC/TRC to implement the action plan

The Socio-Economic Empowerment Manager will achieve these objectives by working closely with Livelihoods and Outreach and Referrals teams to build upon livelihoods referrals, profiling, and pathways in place, as well as connect to relevant TRC initiatives under the ESSN and Community Based Migration Programme. The role will also explore and support actions that maximise the links between the different stakeholders and programmes (TRC, IFRC, World Bank, Turkish government, UN Livelihood working groups and other 3RP partners, collaborating closely with the TRC on the direction of socioeconomic empowerment and livelihoods pathways.

Some travel to the regional offices in Ankara, Istanbul, and Gaziantep as well as the 17 Community Centres across Turkey will be necessary to support the collaborative strategy design and implementation processes.


Job Duties and Responsibilities

Strategy development and operationalisation

  • Map the opportunities, barriers, pathways, and socioeconomic support ecosystem in place to support ESSN recipients in the next iteration of social assistance in Turkey, based on existing data and evidence generated by the programmes.
  • Develop a strategy and action plan for socioeconomic empowerment and the relevant livelihoods pathways through a consultative process with TRC, IFRC, the Ministries, ECHO and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Lead the programme development and operationalisation of the strategy and action plan for socio-economic empowerment.


Representation, communication, and network building

  • Identify the relevant forums and stakeholders that should comprise the network to help design and operationalise the action plan to move towards socioeconomic empowerment, including exploring new platforms that bring humanitarian and development approaches together for ESSN recipients, as needed.
  • Act as the country focal point for operationalising the ESSN socioeconomic empowerment plan and build relevant links with TRC, UN and relevant government authorities.
  • Represent IFRC at inter-agency, governmental coordination mechanisms and other coordination forums, meetings and sector and technical working groups (e.g., livelihoods working group and 3RP Task Team on Referral and Transition to Livelihoods) as required, fostering co-operative alliances where appropriate.
  • Write or take part in communications (public and media) including press interviews and reports; contribute photographic and/or audio-visual materials to support communications work as appropriate.


Internal collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • Actively contribute to knowledge transfer between ESSN and Community Based Migration programs from TRC and IFRC and help to strengthen linkages and synergies between the two programmes at strategic and operational level. Work closely with the TRC and IFRC teams to document good practice/lessons learned/pilot projects as appropriate for future programming.
  • Identify and coordinate on opportunities for partnerships, peer to peer learning within RCRC Movement and with TRC as well as other possible international stakeholders to improve knowledge, learning and capacities to implement meaningful livelihoods and/or graduation programmes. 

Resource Mobilisation

  • Mobilise resources and seek partnerships based on the evidence outlined in the strategy, seeking opportunities for financing in line with the programmatic and strategic direction of TRC and IFRC.
  • With the support of TRC and IFRC technical experts and Partnerships and Resource Development (PRD) colleagues, lead on the preparation of project concepts, proposals, budgets and other documents as required for future socio-economic programming.
  • Lead and facilitate the technical discussions with potential donors during the negotiation phase after the proposal submission.  


Program Management

  • Manage initially a team of 5 staff, including supervision of quality and workload, performance management, etc. The team is expected to grow in the future to support TRC in the implementation of socio-economic programs in Turkey.
  • Support TRC in the roll-out and management of the implementation of the socio-economic enhancement future programming, ensuring projects and activities are implemented in compliance with IFRC guidelines, policies and procedures as well as donor’s requirements.
  • Support and provide oversight to feed into programme improvement processes in terms of strategic data management and knowledge sharing, as well as advocacy and humanitarian diplomacy efforts.

Duties applicable to all staff

  1. Actively work towards the achievement of the Federation Secretariat’s goals
  2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles
  3. Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager




  • University degree and / or formal qualification in relevant subject: Humanitarian assistance/development studies, economic or socio-economic development, rural development or Business Administration, Anthropology or equivalent
  • Trained in some form of economic analysis: Early Recovery Livelihoods Assessment (LRC) or HEA/Household Economic Security, etc.


  • Livelihoods Basic Course by IFRC Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) or similar training on Market Based Approaches, graduation programming, etc.: RAM (IFRC/ICRC) EMMA, Graduation approach (UNHCR, BRAC, or others), MAG (IFRC)
  • Training in Cash and Voucher Assistance




  • Demonstrated 7 years management experience in urban and rural livelihoods programming, integrated programming, community-based approaches (socioeconomic focus)
  • At least 5 years’ Experience in providing technical support and implementing cash-based livelihoods and/or graduation programmes in an international emergency response, recovery, and development contexts (humanitarian-development linkages)
  • Previous overseas experience with the Red Cross Red Crescent, including with National Societies / previous experience working with national organisations and counterparts
  • Experience in designing and implementing livelihoods / graduation strategy development and operational programming, including appropriate technical methodologies
  • Experience in drafting project proposals, preparing budgets and drafting narrative and financial reports working with institutional and high-profile donors
  • Experience managing and coaching teams in multi-faceted projects, including recruiting, mentoring, coaching, training, and strengthening the capacity of staff and volunteers
  • Representation, collaboration, and negotiation experience with government /authorities, UN and non- government agencies/representatives


  • Experience designing, implementing, or working with social safety nets, either within a national social protection system or large-scale social assistance programme
  • Experience designing and fostering partnerships with the private sector (e.g., chambers of commerce)
  • Knowledge and experience working in the Syria refugee response, particularly in Turkey


Knowledge, Skills and Language


Knowledge and Skills


  • Knowledge of different Livelihoods, Cash Transfer and programme modalities, as well as the challenges and risks involved with implementing such programmes.
  • Demonstrated staff management and development skills problem-solving skills
  • Proven project management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and good understanding of the global organization; ability to work in a cross-cultural and cross-functional environment
  • Excellent communication skills, public diplomacy, and advocacy


  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks
  • Ability to prepare reports, information updates, press briefings, plan of actions, operations update, emergency appeal etc.




  • Fluently spoken and written English


  • Good command of another IFRC official language (French, Spanish or Arabic)
  • Good command of Turkish

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