Team Leader for Civil Society Facility 2018 – Sivil Düşün IV (Ref: TL-CivilSociety)

ANKON Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. Ankara
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ANKON Consulting is looking for a Team Leader for the EU funded project Technical Assistance for “Civil Society Facility 2018 – Sivil Düşün IV” to be implemented in Turkey.

Key Expert : Team Leader

100% working time should be spent in Turkey, unless otherwise requested and authorised by EU Delegation.

Qualifications and skills
- Hold a bachelor or higher degree. In the absence of such degree, at least six additional years of working experience to the years and in the fields requested in the general professional experience.
- At least four years of experience as team leader
- Very good command of written and spoken English and Turkish.
- Full computer literacy in office applications.
General professional experience
- Minimum of seven years of professional working experience in relevant field such as Civil
Society or human rights.
- Minimum of five years' experience working on policies and/or programme management related to civil society development and/or work related to NGOs.
Specific professional experience
The Team Leader must have at least six years' experience in one or more of the following subjects:
- Preparation, promotion, management and implementation of Civil Society projects/programmes.
- Previous experience working with the EU or other national/international organisations or agencies.

ANKON Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.

ANKON Consulting is a professional services firm which provides technical assistance, development and consultancy services to public and private beneficiaries. Our clientele ranges from central ministries and public institutions to local development agencies and municipalities; from leading business groups to international agencies and institutions.
ANKON Consulting also runs in the frontline of its region’s development programs and projects. It focuses on social and economic policies in both locally and internationally-funded projects ranging from capacity building to strategy development and project management, in variety of areas and sectors.
ANKON Consulting combines innovation and dynamism with a quarter of a decade’s experience ever since its establishment in 1986. Established in Ankara, the political and public policy decision center of Turkey, it has a solid reputation as a solution partner with valuable skills, experience across a broad spectrum of consulting and development services.
ANKON’s logo, inspired by the bronze medallion which belongs to the Civilization of Phrygian, represents respect of heritage, wealth, prosperity and creativity.
ANKON Consulting is among the signatories of the UN Global Compact and thus adheres to its common goals, such as building markets, combating corruption, safeguarding the environment and ensuring social inclusion.
We are a team with a social conscience and a high degree of emphasis on professional ethics.

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