Translator (Turkish Nationality) -Şanlıurfa

IBC (UA Mavi Hilal) Şanlıurfa
Tam Zamanlı
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International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation-IBC is looking for Translator (Turkish Nationality) according to following qualifications.

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation – IBC is an emerging NGO founded to help alleviate human suffering, illiteracy among all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, color, genetic or physical features, social origin, religion, belief, language, political opinion, gender, age and sexual orientation. IBC acts with impartiality in the belief that people are created equal and have the right to dignity, proper sheltering, food, healthcare, education and proper standards of living. The organization has since then been supporting vulnerable and marginalized groups such as refugees, IDPs, people with disabilities and children. 

Position:           Translator

Position Place: Şanlıurfa                       

Job Duration:   December 1, 2019 – June 15, 2020,  Full Time

Number of Recruitments: 1

Job Description

  • In coordination with the InfoHub Manager, to provide written and/or oral translations that are needed during the implementation of the project in Arabic-English and Turkish.
  • Providing necessary information about the project to all InfoHub visitors who speak a foreign language and support the reception process ensuring that the requests are collected and recorded correctly.
  • Accompanying the relevant case workers to provide translation support in case it is needed.
  • Identifying the demands and needs of the beneficiaries encountered during the trainings in coordination with the case staff and reporting it to the InfoHub Manager.
  • To support the organization of internal or external activities planned throughout the duration of the project, and to ensure that the registration lists are kept complete in all organizations that need translation, and to assist with the gathering of information for the presenter.
  • To ensure that the personnel in the field office are able to perform their duties, ensure that all personnel behave in accordance with the privacy of the beneficiary, particularly prioritizing child safety, and comply with the same sensitivities.
  • Participate in all trainings and orientation meetings that may sometimes be held during the weekends.
  • • Fulfill the ad hox tasks that may be delegated by the affiliated InfoHub Manager, and work within the general needs of the project when necessary.
  • Ensure that the project runs in a healthy manner in cooperation with all personnel; to avoid any kind of behavior and attitude in which the beneficiaries and personnel may be physically or physically or psychologically damaged.



  • University degree in a relevant field.
  • 2 years experience (professional / volunteer) in humanitarian field is an asset.
  • At least 1 year of experience in a similar position.
  • Experience in conducting psycho-social activities is a strong asset.
  • Multitasking.
  • Intercultural skills.
  • Fluency in Arabic, Turkish, English written and spoken.
  • No military service liability for male candidates until July 2020.
  • Turkish nationality is a must.


IBC (UA Mavi Hilal)

IBC, a young and dynamic NGO, was initiated by a handful of idealist businessmen, who wanted to provide input in improving the lives of the people suffering, especially the most disadvantaged section of the world population.
Since more than 19 years, IBC has been working to help in alleviating human sufferings, hunger, illiteracy among all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, color, social origin, religion, belief, language, political opinion, gender, age, and sexual orientation, genetic and physical features.

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